What is Penny Pup?

Penny Pup is for sale!!!

Please send your inquiries to pennypupapp@gmail.com

Serious Business Proposals Only! This is a great already established business.  It is up and running, all that will need done is training on system and transfer of accounts.  Great way to make a little extra cash with minimal effort.  But as is anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get from it!  

Penny Pup will continue to stay updated and active until sold!

Learn how to Penny Shop the RIGHT way!

Penny Pup is a Website that is dedicated to Penny Shopping at Dollar General. Read below to see the things we offer for your Paid Subscription. 🙂

We are NOT selling a list of Penny Items, what we are offering is a SERVICE of Convenience! The service is to give you access to an easier way to sort and search through our massive database of items and send you customized newsletters each week directly to your inbox of the information you are searching for.

This website is a Paid Subscription for access to an exclusive service. We do not sell any list, any personal information or offer free access to our exclusive features. At this time we DO NOT offer a mobile app.

Penny Pup is your Savings Sniffer friend! We search all the websites, groups, forums and videos to bring all of the information on Penny Shopping and Deep Discount deals to you in one easy location.


Weekly Penny List – Paid members will get exclusive weekly notifications posted on the Weekly Penny List page (no later than Tuesday morning) with information on what will be pennied or on sale at deep discount prices.

We have spent countless years combing through all the websites, groups, videos and forums on the internet and compiled a data list of over 2200+ items that have pennied out at Dollar General stores dating back to 2013! Our lists are searchable, sortable and easy to use!  Simply search for keywords, categories or your UPC/SKU number of your suspected item and it will tell you whether or not it has become a penny item. *Disclaimer = YMMV.

FREE Printable Coupons – While you are visiting Penny Pup, we are offering you a place to be able to get your free printable coupons directly from Coupons.com. Another feature offered on our website just for our loyal Penny Pup Friends!

Got Questions? Email us at PennyPupApp@gmail.com!

We at Penny Pup offer a great service of convenience! While it is true, all of the information out there is available in many locations across the internet, we compile it and bring it directly to you, saving you time and the effort of looking for it yourself. This is the sole purpose of this website, to help YOU Penny Shop! We understand you have busy lives or may not have the resources to find all the great deals. So let Penny Pup sniff out the savings for you!

For a very small monthly or annual fee, we provide you exactly the information you are looking for! To find out more about Penny Pup, we welcome you to our site and invite you to check all of our pages. Some of the pages are exclusive to our Paid Subscribers, and all proceeds go directly to keeping the website alive. We keep subscription costs low in order to maintain service for the website ONLY!

What does the subscription fee go towards?

The minimal subscription fee goes towards keeping the website alive and updated. There are monthly fees in order to keep the website active, and your payment of $1.50 monthly or $15 annually goes only towards that cost. What a bargain!

What do I get for my Subscription?

At this time, your subscription entitles you to have exclusive rights to the Weekly Penny List page which includes a list in table format that you can easily sort and search 2200+ penny items from the past 3 years at Dollar General. Information on this list is typically updated Monday evening, if not earlier, and alerts you to the items that penny out or go on deep discount.

Can I get the list emailed to me?

At this time no, we do not distribute copies of the Weekly Penny List outside of our website.

Why should I pay for the subscription if I can get the information for free elsewhere?

While it is true that all of the information on Penny Items is out there on the internet, do you realize how much time it would take to hunt and peck for each and every item, then turn around and hunt for them at the store? It is mind boggling!  Penny Pup has several exclusive sources to get the inside information!!

So we here at Penny Pup have done a lot of the work for you!! While Penny Pup isn’t for everyone, we are here to provide you an easier way to Penny Shop.

There are those who feel that Penny Pup should not be in existence and that we are a scam and take advantage of info that is available already for free. We respect the opinions of those who feel this way, however, the majority of those folks do not understand the concept of what our mission is.   If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to email us at PennyPupApp@gmail.com.

Penny Pup realizes that you are a smart shopper and your time is valuable. So we offer you a service of convenience to finding all the available penny items, we bring it to you!! We have done all of the hard and exhausting work to sniff out the deals so you don’t have to. Recognizing the value of Penny Pup makes you a very smart shopper! 🙂